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Yoga & fashion shoot at Grand Uniara, a heritage property

Yoga shoots with @balancestudiojaipur are always exciting. To add the cherry to the cake, we added a bit of fashion with @tithisingh modelling for @satikajaipur.

One such shoot was at Hotel Grand Uniara, a heritage luxury hotel nestled in the heart of Jaipur in the vicinity of Moti Doongri hills. It is reminiscent of royalty and was erstwhile known as Uniara House. It is a perfect place to shoot your pre-wedding or to host a lavish ‘Big fat Indian wedding’ that you’ve been dreaming of. Its regal charm is further validated by its strong sense of originality. Unfold a plethora of regal stories whilst staying at this quaint, heritage hotel. A walk in the royal corridors will unveil secrets of the royal era gone by. The hotel premises are grand and nothing short of royalty.

As goes for yoga, we are sure you will be motivated to workout and join @balancestudiojaipur right away!

1. Stretch away!

2. Feel the vibe.

3. Zumba all the way.

P.S. Just love the pink leggings and crop top by @NikeIndia

We just couldn’t get our eyes off the property and decided to shoot a few outfits by @satikajaipur to add to the traditional charm and a few outfits by @zaraindia

Satika Jaipur is a homegrown, local clothing label with hand-block printed apparel rooted in tradition, yet with modern and classy prints. The colours are refreshing and silhouettes comfortable and stylish for the modern woman of today. Here’s the outcome!

Just some experiments with Tithi’s own outfits, cause we so loved the natural light.

Cheers! Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and the blog, can’t wait to share some more updates from our brand related shoots, branding tips, marketing tips and more.

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