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Brewing ideas and cooking up conversations with Brot Co.

White Hats Restaurants is a consultation and management firm for restaurateurs. While this was running successfully, the idea of a virtual kitchen was first brewed in the lockdown and their baby, Brot Co. was conceptualised.

This beautiful place was started by 6 people that consists of Chef Peeyush, Chef Hemant, Chef Vijender, Chef Sunil, Chef Sabir and Saurabh Mehta.

The Brot Co. Team:

The team connected on video call for about 2-3 months understanding the market gaps, challenges and deciding what need-gap customers are facing. They realised that there is a huge demand-supply gap in Jaipur for delivery of good quality breads, pizzas and croissants. Brot Co was then conceptualised with a limited menu.

Peeyush has spent many years in the industry and his experience in managing a restaurant came handy. He sat with the team and decided the nitty gritties, like the scale at which they would operate, the menu, the space etc.

The Brot Co space is designed to be friendly for women with the highest safety standards, and as a safe space for women to chit-chat, conduct business, or just simply catch up over coffee and croissants!

The story behind the lip-smacking food.

"It took a year of planning to open up Brot Co at the space it is at. It is nestled in the quiet lanes of Civil Lines, at Barwara Kothi.

Everything at Brot Co was pre-planned. The professional grade equipment, the capacity of dining, and the thoughtfully curated menu. Even as the second lockdown was imposed, Brot Co. was prepared. The staff camped in at Brot Co while it remained open for takeaway. The chances of the infection being spread were abysmal as sanitisation was top priority, and the staff did not have to travel to work to avoid being at risk. God forbid, if there's another variant or another lockdown is imposed, Brot Co's kitchen is prepared to cater to the whole city via its efficient delivery", Chef told us.

Chef Peeyush was kind enough to give us a tour of his walk-through kitchen. Complete with the most high-end equipment, a professional ice maker to avoid ordering unhygienic ice from outside, an Astoria coffee machine, commercial equipment to sheet the pizza dough into very thin crust and an assembly line of all the food, the units are sparkly clean and the outcome is just delicious.

1) Coffee & Croissant

The coffee is a mildly roasted one from Chigmaglur. The vibe is airy and breezy and if coffee and croissant is on your mind, Brot Co. will not disappoint.

2) Goat cheese croissant

The goat cheese croissant looked like it was from another planet. Goatcheese Croissant is their

signature flaky buttery croissant stuffed with cucumber, greens and sweet cranberry sauce. The goat cheese croissant is great to opt for as a meal with your coffee or Kombucha.

Their Kombucha is from Kultur'd and they are happy to collaborate with other brands if it fits their vision.

3) Jalapeno mushroom ciabatta

This ciabatta toast is quite large in size and perfect for a filling appetiser. It has sauteed mushrooms, jalapenos and mozzarella baked on house baked light and crispy Italian bread which literally melts in your mouth. We couldn't eat just one.

4) Garlic goat cheese ciabatta

We called for a chilli cheese ciabatta to add a tangy twist and our taste buds were pleasantly surprised. With garlic confit, goat cheese and mozzarella baked on light and crispy Italian bread, this toast is quite the bestseller.

This fun stop motion will make you want to devour these flavourful ciabatta toasts.

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