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‘Balance’ it right

When you meet Tithi, she’s so vibrant and full of energy. Sometimes you visualise a yogi to be calm, serene, and quiet, and Tithi is exactly the opposite.

Her partner Rohan, is quite her twin soul. With a keen interest in fitness, the two of them started @balancestudiojaipur together.

When we sat together and discussed the logos, we had to arrive at something minimal, yet something that speaks volumes about the work they do.

We went for teal and gold, because of the rich, upbeat theme of the studio.

The Logo has a yogi super imposed on the initial B & the font we used resembles the yoga poses. The ‘B’ light just while you enter the studio is significantly attractive and makes you go into a meditative state almost immediately.

Tithi, @souledinthecity, is talented and an amazing yogini. She is also a ZIN Certified Zumba Trainer. She holds the classes regularly at her studio and online. She has students from Jaipur and all over the world.

Some glimpses of our several shoots with Balance Studio.

If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, there’s no one better in Jaipur than them. Hit up @balancestudiojaipur and work your way to a fitter you. Achieve the right balance between mind, body and soul.

P.S We love teaming up with Tithi for some fun shoots, and the latest one at Hotel Grand Uniara is quite the fun & fabulous one. Stay tuned for more.


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