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Acro Yoga: Learn the art of balancing.

Originated in the USA in 2003 and developed by Jenny Sauer-Klein and Jason Nemer, a dancer, and a yogi, Acro yoga is a physical practice that is a combination of the healing and kindness of Thai massage, the sagacity of yoga, and the power dynamics of acrobatics, unlike regular individual yoga practices.

Acro yoga is done in partners or groups as the focus is not just on your body and strength, but the dynamics between you and other individuals which help in building trust and a sense of community and provides a safe space to explore strength and overcome limitations. As it is more of a “We” practice that can help developing trust that you put in your partner which inevitably brings you closer and strengthens your bond. It teaches the art of mastering self-control so when circumstances try to shift or knock you off you can stay calm and keep your center in place.

It includes three roles, the Base is the person doing the lifting, the Flyer is the second person who is elevated, and the Spotter is the person who looks for safety and assistance. There are two types of practices, first is Lunar which is the therapeutic style bringing in the element of Thai massage and other healing qualities for both the receiver and the giver. It relieves muscle strain and tension allowing energy to flow which improves circulation in our body. The second is the Solar practice which it gets from acrobatics, it builds strength for both the flyer and the base, especially in the legs, arm, and core. It is said to be the technical but fun part that brings playfulness and trust as when you learn to support others, you end up allowing yourself to be supported. At last, the Lunar and Solar practices are supported by the philosophy of yoga which not only helps in creating postures and transitions but also cultivates an awareness of breath and connection.

There is no age, size, or weight limit for doing Acro yoga, however, one must stunt under expert guidance as this has to be meticulously performed to avoid any injuries. It is not important to have much flexibility as techniques are more important than strength, it makes you learn to honor your body and extent your existing capabilities to take it to higher levels. Thus, it is best to partner with a person smaller than your size, then the same size, and later if you want to challenge yourself lift someone heavier; begin slowly, and progress gradually. Acro yoga is getting much support and limelight from Indian youth as this yoga practice has an international following and reported effective for many.

Balance Studio in Jaipur, Rajasthan is a premium fitness and lifestyle boutique gym and it recently hosted an Acro yoga workshop for their members in collaboration with Samsarayog, which is an Indian Acro yoga community spreading a word about this fabulous core strengthening exercise all over India influencing people, especially youngsters taking yoga to next level. So, go and begin your fitness journey with Balance studio.

Here are some pictures from two fun shoots we did at City Palace, Jaipur and Patrika Gate, Jaipur.

The base here is Tithi, @tithiyoga, and the flyer is Pradeep, @indian_acro_yoga. Drop in some love for the pictures in the comments section.

Visit them online on @balacestudiojaipur

For all your yoga sessions and fitness queries with Tithi- Contact: +919588940124


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