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Devourable mini cookies ft. The Jaipur Bakery

If the cookie monster always gets the better of you, these mini cookies are the perfect solution.

Hate not finishing a cookie or hate those extra calories consumed while trying to finish a large one? The Jaipur Bakery has launched amazingly delicious Mini Cookies.

Dr. Surbhi, a medical professional by degree but a baker at heart, is the soul behind 'The Jaipur Bakery'. TJB is based on the premise that we put forward the Finest of our Creations (pound cakes, jar cakes, hand rolled truffles, cupcakes, icing cakes, cookies, pies/tarts etc...) Without Compromising the Quality. My partner in crime in TJB is my other half & the other Co-Founder Aman, who handles the tech, marketing and sales for our venture.

Anish, being a coffee lover devoured the coffee and hazelnut mini cookies. They have a light flavour and they are great for serving the guests at party tables keeping the conversations going.

Besides this, they have launched a total of 5 equally delicious flavours.

1) Butter Jam

The butter-jam mini cookies are deliciously star shaped with a jam-filled centre. They have the goodness of butter and nostalgia of jam, oh-so-devourable!

2) Choco Chip

What's not to love about choco-chip? The melt-in-your mouth rich chocolate with the coarsely delightful chocolate-chips, we predict these are going to be the hottest selling! Indulgent and delicious, you can't go wrong on ordering this flavour.

3) Oatmeal

We thought healthy might just be boring but these oatmeal mini cookies turned out to be a surprise. Made with oats, whole-wheat flour, walnuts and a hint cinnamon, these are a go-to snack to offer your health-freak friends.

4) Red Velvet

You'll forget your red-velvet cake cravings on having a bite of these. A treat to the eyes and a snack for the soul, these red-velvet cookies make for a classic combination. The white chocolate chips add that much needed dash of sweetness making it one of our favourites!

5) Coffee and hazelnut

All the coffee-lovers in the house say 'Yay'. Crispy, rich and bittersweet, the coffee and hazelnut mini-cookies have such an inviting aroma that you'll be tempted to pick up a handful. And soon the whole jar will be go-go-gone!! You have been warned. :P

These bite size snacks are not just handmade with best quality ingredients but are egg-less too (like all their products)!

When it comes to The Jaipur Bakery, you can be sure that all their products are :

  • Freshly Baked

  • 100% eggless

  • Handmade

  • No premixes

  • No preservatives

Hit & get happiness home-delivered.

For those looking to shop offline, they have recently collaborated with The Market 04 and you can get all their gourmet cookies here.

Exciting news is that they have 20% off on deliveries on using the code MINI20. On offline shopping at The Market, they have 25% off as a tempting launch offer.
So, what are you waiting for? Happy snacking.

P.S. These devourable mini-cookies are being delivered across India. So, send some love to your near and dear ones.


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