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Let's do a Mango Tango (Tithi Yoga x Upside Story)

Weekending doesn't mean that you've to overdose on the calories. We bring to you fun recipes every week that are low on the count and oh-so-fun to eat.

This week's special is our Mango Tango aka Mango Mojito. You'll just need a few fun ingredients and you're ready to go.


1 cup diced mangoes

1 spoon Soaked chia seeds

2-3 Mint leaves

2 Lemon slices

Soda / Water

2-3 Ice Cubes

1 teaspoon jaggery

Salt to taste


  • Put the diced mango in a bowl

  • Add mint leaves and lemon slices

  • Add the jaggery and salt

  • Mash the ingredients with a muller until fine

  • Transfer the mixture to the cocktail glass

  • Add soda to the brim. If you'd like to go extra healthy, skip the soda and add water.

Quick tip: You can salt the rim of the glass and place the lemon slices to mock a cocktail. :)

For those with a visual memory, watch the video above.

Ssssshhhhhh, party like you mean it with this Mango Chia Mojito and no one will know you're not drunk. ;)

For more fun and healthy recipes, follow @upsidestory and @tithiyoga


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