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Rustic Poetry feat. Ria & Aditya

A brilliant fusion of Indian, western and Arabian. This series of photographs is titled Rustic Poetry. Shot in an area close to the wilderness, these outfits stood out in the soft hues of the tall, dry grasses.

Ria & Aditya are partners and fashion designers they worked on the intricate detailing on the outfit. Be in the tye and dye cape, the elegant cuts at the back of the crop top, or that wonder-woman kind of feel. These power outfits stole our eye, and we were so pleased with the outcome of the photographs.

L O V E & L E M O N S

Life's lemons often fall from the sky

They are never fair

They might make one cry but she was not usual

She was love, she was poetry, and all things rare.

'C A P E & C O D D L E'

It took a lot to bring her down, she could not be coddled.

She may not be Wonder Woman

But her superpower was being herself

In knee deep waters, with confidence she waddled.


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