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Rishikesh Rendezvous feat. VNA Resorts

Think Rishikesh, and you think Ganga Aarti, cool cafes, yatris flooding to the banks of the river Ganges and the Jhulas, maybe some hidden waterfalls and Vashisht Caves. Little did we know this small little slice of heaven was waiting for us to be butterflies fresh out of our cocoons.

VNA Resorts is situated ahead of Shivpuri and is a hidden gem in Rishikesh, and it sure is a power-packed surprise. It's secluded, serene and splendid. A 30-40 minute drive from the main city, one can reach VNA resorts via a small bridge that connects the riverside.

The minute we reached we changed into our swimwear and dove into our private riverside beach.

The evening was spent relaxing in the lawn overlooking the Ganges and the following morning the skies blessed us with a downpour and the weather turned into a photo-op. Mwah, look at these beautiful butterflies leaving the fast-paced city life behind. The tension lines between the eyes turned into laugh lines over the lips in just a matter of seconds.

Butterflies not cocoons

We spent the rest of the day shooting some yoga content for the two yoginis- @tithiyoga and @shivohamyog while sneaking in a few minutes of our own to photograph ourselves. ;)

While we were leaving, some of us couldn't resist but to hop into the private riverside beach for another dip. After all, it would be long before we could get back here again. Absolutely worth skipping breakfast over.

We left soon after and it was hard saying goodbye. Rishikesh, you have our hearts. ❤️

Thank you, @tithiyoga for making us believe that heaven does exist.

More on Rishikesh in our yoga retreat blog. Go, dive in.


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