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Zolocrust: For one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Zolocrust is a first of its kind 24*7 fully chef-owned restaurants in Jaipur, which specialises in European and Italian cuisine and is popular for all-vegetarian spread. There are no waiters at the table, and all the service from taking orders to serving is done by the chefs. Located at the ground floor of Hotel Clarks, the fine dining leverages the advantage of the finest destination in the town. The warm and well-lit ambiance takes you instantly into a vintage mood. With the popular concept of open-kitchen where you can see the chefs in action which also gives you the liberty to discuss food choice with the chefs and modify meals according to the requirement.

The restaurant is one of the best in Jaipur offering the best pizzas and savory dishes like Thin Crust Pizza Al Caprino, Creamy Penne, and Croissant Sandwich. They also serve a range of custom cakes and gifting packages, which can be customized and delivered at the doorstep, round the clock to any part of the city by the chefs, indeed.

It is a perfect place for group dining, an office gathering, get-together or a romantic casual date. The chefs are equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that the food that reaches you is no less than a work of art. Zolocrust is also among the few places in Jaipur that serves gluten-free, eggless and sugar-free options. The restaurant grows most of their salads and vegetables at the hotel's backyard, ensuring that customers are served fresh and non-adulterated food.

Another interesting feature is the crockery and cutlery — palm-leaf plates and bowls, and paper cups are unconventional and disposable as they are made from trees. Zolocrust believes in giving back to the society which is why these crockery and cutlery are sourced from an NGO with the aim of providing more people with work and employment.

Zolocrust gives a lavish and luxurious dining experience with sumptuous Italian treats. They serve superior quality food, a perfect place for pizza lovers and people crazy for dessert. Try for once the experience of having a meal at this thoughtful dining, you’ll surely love to come again.

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