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A basic guide to attending JLF

Jaipur is gearing up to host the much awaited Jaipur Literature Festival and so are many other literary enthusiasts to visit the fest spanning five days. Attending JLF has become a sort of ritual to me and my excitement graph, as the years go by, has only seen an upward curve. I love the potpourri of culture, literature, music and minds the festival brings. The crisp winter air is warmed by the conversations happening in the various venues across Diggi Palace. However, as a seasoned lit fest attendee (let me have this!), I have decided to compile a list of things you should have a look at before you enter the world of interesting conversations and delicious chai.

  1. Even though Jaipur does not have nightmare inducing traffic situations most of the time but during JLF, you will find a fair amount of traffic near the venue. You won’t be able to find a parking spot easily because the venue is situated on a main road. So the soundest thing to do will be to come via a cab or use public transport.

  2. JLF is a free for all event so during sessions that feature popular speakers the venue is bound to get crowded. So if you’re looking forward to hearing your favorite writer/director/speaker/artist speak then make sure you reach the venue well in advance.

  3. The venue has food and drink stalls but if you’re on a budget then those meals might dent your pocket big time. In that case carry your own food and have a nice picnic for yourself amidst the hustle bustle of the fest.

  4. Although the entry is free you do have to sign up for registration. Registration can be done both on the spot at the venue as well as online on JLF’s official website.

  5. The festival like every year is going to play host to a lot of political leaders and other influencers. While attending these sessions always go in with an open mind. All sessions have a Q and A round at the end so you can raise your questions then but remember that these are guests at the festival and you’re expected to treat them with respect whether you agree or disagree with their opinions.

  6. There is no locker system available for storing bags or other precious items so carry those at your own risk. In my opinion avoid carrying anything too precious or valuable if you can.

  7. The Albert Hall Museum, Bapu Bazaar and Hawa Mahal are all nearby the venue so you can visit these places to pass time in between sessions.

The Jaipur Literature Festival is a celebration of the best of art, literature, music and culture. It’s a beautiful place to be at and rest assured you will go back feeling like you learned something new if you do attend the festival.


About The Author

I read books, I finish reading books, I feel sad about finishing the book so I read more books to fill up that void. I also snack in between, make puns and try to survive the horror movie we call life.


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