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International Yoga Day - Fundraiser at Diggi Palace

Yoga is fuel for the mind, body and soul. The theme for this year's yoga day was 'Yoga for Humanity.' Over 25 crore people all over the world are said to have participated in various events and did yoga in unison towards better health and wellness for all.

@tithiyoga is a Jaipur-based yoga professional. She founded her own yoga and dance studio- @balancestudiojaipur in 2020 and has been organising various fundraisers since then. This year, keeping in line with the to help raise funds for women's welfare for Chahat Welfare Foundation.

The event was held at Diggi Palace. A serene and breathtaking venue making perfect sense to kickstart the event. We had to take our mats indoors on account of the rain. The sounds of the birds greeted us in unison as we began the session with chanting 'Om'.

The session continued with yogis of different levels of flexibility performing the asanas as directed by Tithi. Here are some photos from the session.

All the yoga enthusiasts ended up braving the rain and attending the yoga session. Tithi's energy is incomparable and it was a lovely session after which we paused to click some photographs and started going about our busy day.

The session was refreshing and energising and the money raised from the event contributed to a good cause enabling women's welfare. It was indeed a win-win.


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