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Sundowner Karaoke & Dance Party at Balance Studio

Team Upside Story in collaboration with Table Top Jaipur (a community for all those who love unconventional board games and love to make new connection) organised a fun karaoke & games evening at Balance Studio.

It was a one of its kind evening at the studio. Some showed off their singing talent, many of us were just supporting artists, some of us danced while others were singing, and all of had an awesome time. There were a lot of hums and a lot of oooooooos. All in all, it was a fun-filled event with great music and groovy dance moves, what more could you ask for?

It was indeed an evening made crazier with the crazy energy that this beautiful set of people came with.

These are just some glimpses being a part of this craziness.

Puneet, the main man behind Table Top

A little bit about Table Top

Table Top: Jaipur is a place to challenge yourself with variety of games, meet all kinds of new and interesting people, and have fun together for hours at a time. Because there is only one agenda, i.e. to play games, this place has a tendency to become therapeutic in nature. And that's exactly what happened at the Karaoke evening.

Thank you Puneet for helping us organise this wonderful event and making it so very special for all of us involved. ❤️

Stay tuned for the next meet-up and write to us if you’d like more such events in Apno Jaipur. Till next time, then.


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