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A bunch of creative crazies feat. Creative Commune Global

Last Saturday was a tad bit different from the usual. Jaipur creative commune, now Creative Commune Global held meetups in different cities at the same time. Each chapter had different city leads.

The Jaipur chapter's city leads were Divya & Katyayni and they were the sweetest people to interact with.

Divya and Katyayni strike a pose with the Creative Commune Logo

We started off the session with a game of virtual volleyball where we got acquainted with each other's names. It was a simple game but it really tested our memory as we had to memorise each of the names of the opposite team and was also a great way to get introduced to the members.

We followed this activity up with a sharing circle where each creative crazy shared a bit about themselves and how they embarked on their journey towards being a creator, over tea.

There were artists, writers, photographers and graphic designers all with fresh ideas and a different art of their own.

@doodle_tinkering even handed out some of her beautifully illustrated bookmarks to everyone at the close of the session.

A heartfelt Thank You to all the wonderful souls who were a part of this beautiful day and a special one to Katyayni and Divya for being wonderful hosts.

Spot the Creative Commune Logo when you attend your next meetup and register to be a member.

Doesn't matter which city you're from or what your art form is. Be a part of this community for creative crazies and let your imagination unfold.


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