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Buzzaar at JLF 2022

Buzzaar at Jaipur Lit Fest

If you're at Literature Fest, you're always in for new and exciting things. This year's curation of brands had social enterprises, unique designer creations, home decor and more.

A few glimpses of this buzzing festival.

Eco-friendly jewellery made by underprivileged women. WHE stands to empower women artisans and employ them to be independent and financially stable. Women who have been marginalised by our community stand a chance to earn a living and hone their skills. Their jewellery simply stood out with its bohemian feel.

This young and upcoming designer Samridhi, is a Senior Designer for Youtube India and has her own illustrated merch.

These were so cool, we had a tough time trying not to shop all of her stationery. She had fun weekly and monthly planners, postcards, notebooks and quirky gift frames which you can now shop through her Instagram.

Psychologist, Preeti Shahal, came up with the idea of therapy kits to gamify talking during therapy. People are often afraid to talk about how they feel and this innovative psychologist has come up with a fun illustrated card set to talk about the challenges you're facing mentally. One can avail a free counselling session on purchase of these card sets.

Having practised for over a decade in India and abroad, Preeti Shahal is approachable and you can immediately open up with her. We tried one of the cards, and the result was bang-on.

Mesh is a fair trade organisation maximising employment to serve the handicapped. They had whacky kids' soft toys on display and also were selling sarees, scarves, tea cloths, eco-stationery, bags and more. The colours just made us stop here and after all, we always need to shop for more props!

Head to their shop and support fair trade.

Handmade with love and empowering underprivileged housewives, Sangrah Shop has iPad sleeves, Kindle sleeves, laptop sleeves, handcrafted scented candles, scrunchies, and you can even shop loose fabric to customise your needs.

The colours on their gram are all things spring, and you wouldn't want to miss having these gorg prints in your homes.

This brand needs no introduction and their stall was proof of their strength at design. It all started with Vivek and Shubhra’s love for travel & collecting souvenirs. In 2010 they founded Chumbak (Ch-oom-buck) - it means a Magnet in Sanskrit- in Bangalore, with the idea of designing fun souvenirs & collectibles inspired by India.

Since then, Chumbak has grown into a globally inspired lifestyle brand, creating joyful products in categories across home décor, fashion, accessories, and personal care, all designed to brighten up your living space, your office, and your wardrobe.

Their recent launch includes fabrics for home decor, and the home setups at their stall were click-worthy!

We hope you had a vicarious shopping experience through our blog! Let us know your favourite brands to shop from and we might just do a feature on them. #VocalForLocal


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