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Commbucha by MAVI

MAVI’s is the creation of Mashi and Vikram, who believed in making fermented drinks as part of Indian culture. It all began with Mashi, who had a taste of kombucha abroad and after knowing it’s health benefits, she became inspired to brew and serve this magical potion to many like her.

But, you guys might be wondering, what is a fermented drink and what makes it healthy? Well, fermented drinks are made from soaked grains, black and green tea, herbal infusions, fruit juice that are cultured or fermented for a period of time and as a result these drinks are rich in probiotics as it has beneficial bacterias, and yeasts. The light fermented drinks like kombucha, water kefir, beet kvass and tepache have amazing health benefits like supporting the digestive system,enhancing the immune system and many more. These fizzy, tangy, slightly sweet and mildly tart drinks are getting so much popularity in India. Let’s introduce you to MAVI’s pantry and all bubbly brews you can get here:

MAVI’s Comm-bucha:

Kombucha is 2000 years old but it is India’s latest superfood obsession. It is a fermented tea drink made from green or black tea, sugar and colony of live bacteria and yeast called SCOBY (symbiotics colony of bacteria and yeast), this makes the tea sweet and after leaving it for a few week to ferment it turn into a slightly sweet and tart. Kombucha is full of probiotics and antioxidants that are great for your gut, and as we know a ‘healthy body begins with a healthy gut’. It can boost your immune system with its microflora and Vitamin B and other healthy acids for detoxification.

As experts say ‘Kombucha is an everyday vacation for your body’. Other than the health benefits there is more to MAVI’s Comm-bucha, ensuring you get a great taste by adding seasonal flavours like Jamun, Apple and Guava.You can have the way you want it, a non-alcoholic beverage, check; a mixer to your rum, check; a booster to your cocktail,check; a cure for your hangover; check check check. So, next time get a bottle of MAVI’s Comm-bucha for your house party for a fun and healthy celebration.

MAVI’s Water Kefir:

Water Kefir is a happy bubbly, fruit-infused sparkling water that is packed with full of healthy probiotics that will energize the body and help heal the gut. It is similar to kombucha but the difference is it does not ferment with green or blak tea, but with kefir grains, which actually comes from a cactus plant. It has almost zero sugar and tastes like water soda, and it’s taste is leveled up when it is the second round of fermentation when fruits are added. It is a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance, an aid to the natural system of the body and a bubbly alternative for hydration.

Want an easy way to quench your thirst and replenish your gut- get a bottle of MAVI’s water kefir!

MAVI’s BeetKvass:

BeetKvass is an Eastern European drink made of fermented beets, which is already a rich source of fiber, folate, iron and vitamins and beet kvass is a fermented version which gives an extra boost to it. It acts like a medical tonic that cleanses the blood, liver and promotes healthy digestion.Tastes slightly sweet, tangy, earthy and salty- but in a good way!

BeetKvass is different from Kanji, which uses wild yeast in the air for fermentation and is less potent than BeetKvass.

It gets its rich pink-red color from the pigment released by beets. Drinking a 250-ml glass of BeetKvass can lower blood pressure and promotes smooth movement of the digestive waste through the intestines.

MAVI’s Tepache:

Tepache is a fermented soft drink native to Mexico which is made from ripe pineapples, cane sugar or jaggery and spices. It is vibrantly sweet and tart. Like most fermented drinks Tepache is rich in beneficial bacteria and probiotics and healthy acids not to forget that pineapple is a great source of vitamin C and other enzymes but what differentiate it from a kombucha or water kefir is the spicy flavor making it a uniquely fermented all day drink.

MAVI’s fermented drinks pantry has these four varieties available in many flavours and with endless benefits. There is also some caution, like consulting a doctor in case of pregnancy and although it is safe for children but should be consumed in smaller portions. Normally it takes time to get settled for its tartry-tangy taste but once you get habitual, it's a heavenly drink for your body. Fermented drinks contain low levels of alcohol as a by-product of fermentation but this doesn't make it an alcoholic beverage as it is not kept for a longer period to ferment.

So fetch your first fermented drink from MAVI’s pantry for you and your loved one, and those who already know about the miracle drink. Spread the word!

MAVI’s Sauerkraut

A ‘sour cabbage’ which is the result of lacto fermentation of cabbage in brine water. It is low calories, vegan friendly, made with all organic ingredients which can be used in making salads and sandwiches or can be used as sides to any meal. It is infused with probiotics which reduces bloating, indigestion and deals with acidity, improving your gut health and immunity. MAVI’s pantry gives you three flavourful options of Sauerkraut: the original, golden and clasiq.

One of MAVI’s best selling products is organic honey fermented garlic. Having one or two cloves everyday in the morning helps in dealing with bad cholesterol, increasing the number and lifespan of natural killer cells and great for the heart as it prevents blood clots.

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