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Dear Hope… feat. Hiral Vasa

Dear Hope,

A letter to hope which will give you a lot of it…

Hiral Vasa is a digital marketeer, brand strategist, business builder, content designer, intuitive tale-teller, a believer, and a self-taught artist. She absolutely loves making self-portraits and her recent ones in these quarantine times are quite colourful and catchy.

Particularly loved this one on Hope. Hiral’s tarot card artwork on hope has got us clinging to every inch of it.

“Whatever you do, don’t lose hope”, they say

The world is falling apart, the future is anything but certain,

with the way things are going, quarter-life crisis will soon become mid-life crisis 🙃,

the list of the many over-ambitious dreams yet to be achieved is unticked,

and the energy to achieve them has reached an all-time low💃🏽.

Like how the hell to be hopeful ya? It’s so tough😶.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

And then you realise, the only thing tougher than clinging on to that hope, is to let go of it!!

Things might suck for eternity, but if you let that hope go, they definitely will 🤔♥️🌝🌈.

Hi Hope, we’ve survived some pretty tough times together, you and I. You make me a believer, and I cannot thank you enough for that! 🙂🌸

Thank you for sharing this gem, Hiral. We’re obliged for you to have made us feel a little more hopeful.

Hiral’s has illustrated her adventures across the planet and we’re crushing on ’em.

Hiral Vasa- Poland artwork

Hiral Vasa’s – It’s time for Africa

You can check more of her self-portraits, Africa & Poland pictures, and follow her personal quests through Instagram.


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