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Grateful for the little things feat. @roopal_rsr

If there’s one thing that this quarantine has made us all realise, it’s being grateful for the little things we might’ve never appreciated before.

Be it a long-forgotten hobby, getting back to reading or painting or doing your favourite style of art, and spending time with family.

At 21, Roopal is pursuing fashion and lifestyle accessory design. She takes to drawing and painting for therapeutic reasons and believes that it is a great way to express your emotions creatively, and also connect with your audience. It does help in checking the saleability of your art, but more importantly, it brings a state of ‘pure joy’ that an artist finds in the creation of an art piece. The intention of improving and exploring every single time is what the artist looks forward to every single time.

For her, her art journey started from scratch as she had taken up fine arts as her subject in school. Making compositions, still life, and other art projects were due all the time, and Roopal took the most joy in this subject. She was in boarding school, and is thankful that she didn’t have access to social media in her young age which she believes could’ve hindered her progress to grow naturally as a young art enthusiast. She had so much time to herself to practise and enjoy what she actually liked doing.

She loves drawing little things that inspire her in day to day life- like nature, portraits, abstract faces etc. She uses mixed media and shuffles things up with watercolors, alcohol based markers and black pen. She is quite inclined towards digital art too.

We fell in love with these Abstract Portraits by Roopal

Self portrait by Roopal Singh Rathore

Portraits for women’s day

A colorful Salvador Dali by Roopal inspired by Angel Bedi of Filmy Owl fame

A colorful Frida Kahlo by Roopal

Brilliant illustration for this packaging design for Teatro Dhora.

Here’s a little tip from the young artist. ‘The key is not to stop thinking, and not to stop drawing.’ Though she experiences what is popularly called the ‘Art Block’ herself and enjoys that time doing other things that matter to her, the thinking here is key to creating great art. She makes sure she gets back to art some way or another. In Gary Vee’s words, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Let’s take this quarantine time that we have got to do the many things which matter to us now and didn’t have time to do before. We can grow and work on ourselves like never before, though it’s not at all important to be productive each day. It’s also completely okay to sit on your couch and do nothing, as long as that keeps you thinking. How about we start appreciating and feeling grateful for the little things- like food, and a bed to sleep on, beauty in the mundane, and finding happiness through art is something she has learned during this time.


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