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I believe that anyone who has no feelings for animals has a dead heart. ⁣ This article has a message I’d want to share with you guys and would appreciate if you shared it further.⁣ There are thousands of stray animals, especially dogs on the roads out there who are starving now, as there’s no more leftovers thrown around on the roads. Sad to say, that was their main source of nourishment and now it’s diminishing. ⁣ They’re all alone. No family, no shelter, no one to take care of them. It breaks my heart to imagine what those poor creatures must be going through.⁣

Everyone has heard the song “sadda_haq” from the movie Rockstar and this particular line ☘O Eco friendly, Nature k Rakshak, Main bhi hu Nature☘ fits so perfectly for this scenario . . . |•Any dog lover would relate to the fact that when we step out of our homes, it is really difficult to ignore a stray on the road, under scorched heat, dehydrating, hungry, malnourished, smelly, sick, diseased. A single person alone cannot make a big change, but a single step taken by millions can make a big difference!!! •

Few days back while i was casually scrolling through my Instagram i came across this page Help Suffering lives. society . I was overwhelmed when i went deep into this NGO and the work they’ve been doing. HSLS ( Help suffering lives society) is a charitable trust and relies solely on donations, grants and fundraising to operate. The passionate group of volunteers who generously give up their time to rescue, rehabilitate and release orphaned, sick and injured birds are really someone i or anybody would look up to. Their centres accept and care for all India birds and wildlife whether they are pet, native or non-native.

This is a big shootout to all the people and NGO’s like HSLS who purely work to help the speechless .

Also, Big salute to all the people who show love towards animals wherever they go and take the initiative to feed them. Without dragging too much, I’d like to request you guys to please do your part and help out those who can’t reach out to us for help. Make a few extra roti’s, make some extra rice, and leave it for the stray animals in your colony. ⁣ Now you don’t have to compromise your own health for this. Take all the needed measures, avoid contact with any surface or person. Just go out and leave some food for them. And trust me when I say this, the feeling you get when you’re leaving the food and walking back home- not even describable in words. Or if not you can simply donate whatever’s possible to such trustable NGO who whole solely work to make a better place for animals to live in.

⁣I hope you’ll spread this message so that more and more street animals can be saved. It won’t take much from you, but it’ll create a world of difference for them.⁣


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