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Help Suffering Lives Society: Rescue, rehabilitate and release

Wildlife and nature have largely been associated with humans for numerous emotional and social reasons. A simple stroll around the park amidst some birds & domestic life provides a fresh breath of life and charges our batteries.

A great author Theodore Roosevelt once said “The wildlife and its habitat cannot speak so we must and we will.”

Help Suffering Lives Society (HSLS) - a non-profit organization, aims to follow the same and have been conserving and rescuing street animals. It was founded in 2009 and ever since then they have been constantly fighting to deliver a better life to animals & birds. The speechless and suffering street animals, birds, dogs, cows and other suffering animals do not know where to turn to and with the help of Mr. Sanjeev Sankhla, Help Suffering Lives Society is doing the groundwork and providing care and treatment to such suffering souls hundreds of kilometres away from Jaipur.

India being one of the countries with the highest number of road accidents, suffers around 4.5 lakh road crashes per annum in which around 1.5 lakh people die. The animals, even more. Road accidents injuries is something that has still been neglected by most public health challenges, but HSLS has shed some light on this issue and have designed and developed some safe driving programmes.

Man-made disasters like war,nuclear disasters etc devastate animals, leaving them abandoned, with horrific injuries, or without shelter, food and water. Man-made disasters greatly impact animals, so rescue and relief efforts are vital. HSLS trained and experienced teams, local vets contribute to helping heal animals suffering from these disasters. From providing shelter,medication to feeding HSLS nurtures everything.

We did not have the heart to show you the pain that the team witnesses everyday. Here is one rescue story that we could share.

In case of emergencies they’ll be one of the first ones to show up, their genuinity is what makes them a heart of an organisation that constantly strives to save lives.

There are more than 10,000 species of birds alive today,The tremendous diversity of birds contributes to their importance within ecosystems. Ecosystem services refer to the benefits that humans derive from the natural world, and birds are key players in providing many of those benefits. A large section of HSLS is dedicated to birds. They treat thousands of birds each year which are brought to their notice by people.For as long as humans have been creating art, birds have been providing inspiration. Famous novelist aka bird watcher once said "If you could see every bird in the world, you'd see the whole world." Just like that HSLS believes if you could contribute a little towards saving the speechless souls, we could see a whole different world.

In case of emergencies they’ll be one of the first ones to show up, their genuinity is what makes them a heart of an organisation that constantly strives to save lives.

So next time when you see any speechless animal or bird in need, don’t hesitate to help or bring it HSLS’s attention together we could build a better life for them.

Follow their work:

Donate and support their initiative-

Contact for donation and more: 99283 98888

If you prefer, the bank details are as below. All donations are eligible for deductions under 80G.

Account Name: Help Suffering Lives Society

Bank Name: State Bank Of India

Account Number: 61071745855


BANK ADDRESS: C -93 Subhash Marg, C – Scheme, Jaipur


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