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Letters to Jude feat. @paintedthebook

If you were a poet, and you got to express all your emotions through beautiful poetry, what would you say, and how would you say it?

Painted – the book’s author, Swati Singh Sambyal, takes to Instagram to share thought-provoking poetry.

Most of her poetry is addressed to Jude, an imaginary person. Here’re two written just when the #Covid19 frenzy and lockdowns started, that we can relate with.


Dear Jude,

I like yellow flowers!

They instantly remind me that

Joy is momentary…

That it may drop


Fall out of bloom….

But joy is joy…

I must live with it.. Even in moments brief.



Dear Jude

I am engulfed by sadness

Many a times.

It’s like a thick black cloud

That never wants to break into rain.

It suffocates me.

It breaks me.

It hurts me.

But then I seek out.

In words,

In colors,

In love and longing.

I forget about the thick black cloud.

I forget the pain.



Dear Jude

There’s no magic potion to eternal happiness

But if you find it… Pass one to me!



Count to three🐟🐟🐟’



Dear Jude

What lives we lead…

Locked with our fishes.



And the one with the dash of yellow.

I’m constantly surrounded by them…

In my mind

And in the physical space.

I’m not sure what they tell me.

But I feel I hear them.

I feel they speak to me.



Dear Jude

Where are we?

Where are you?

Where am I?

I hope…

Hope not whether it will ever be figured out…

Our place…

Our spot…

Our destinations…

Everything’s dissolving…

Like boundaries.



Dear Jude…

What haunts us in the night?

What keeps us alive in the day?


Well, we can’t answer these questions either. Can anybody?

Swati also tries her hand at painting in her free time. Anyone relate to the paper being tilted because of being a lefty?

“Though the air is good, plants and the birds look beautiful, the weather seems nice, but then I as a bird am caged. That’s how I feel, Caged!

So back to what I meant to say, the colors help. Really do!”

What is keeping you busy?”

Frida and blue flowers…

My two absolute favourites.

Not so perfect, but what is perfect?

Love to end things and this article on a colourful note. 🙂


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