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Of literature, music, art & more.. JLF 2022

Jaipur Literature Fest is called the greatest literary show on Earth for a reason. Speakers from all over the world, debates, media discussions, celebrity panelists, poetry hour, live art, handpicked brands to shop from and the choicest delicacies in town.

Jaipur Literature Fest moved to a new venue this year at Hotel Clarks Amer only to be bigger and better. The venue was magical with the extravagant colours, each sight a photographic delight.

Here are a few glimpses from the Upside Story lens featuring @thephotogaffer and @ishelat

1) The inspiring Neena Gupta

The first live talk we opted for was the dynamic Neena Gupta and she needs no introduction.

Wearing bold clothes got me the dirty girl tag

While doing an M.Phil in Sanskrit, she got the dirty girl tag, as her clothes were bolder than usual Salwar Kurta that girls used to wear at the time.

The casting couch is everywhere, an actress of her caliber had to face it too

She said it was her decision to enter the Director’s room and not insist on meeting the lobby. The casting couch is everywhere, and thanks to the ‘Me Too’ movement it has reduced a little bit.

There is no shame in asking for work, but there is shame in asking for money.

As an out of work actor in Mumbai, she posted on Instagram that she’s in the city and actively looking for work. This got her many roles, including the super hit, Badhaai Ho. She elaborated this and said that you should not feel ashamed to ask anybody for work. Monetary favours are a strict no-no.

I used to play badminton in shorts with Gulzaar Saab

In a day and age where girls used to be covered from head to toe, Actress Neena Gupta spoke about playing badminton in shorts with Gulzaar Saab and how it's talked about till date. It's hot so she used to wear shorts! Her legs look great, so she used to wear shorts! What's the big deal about that anyway?

2) Bumped into none other than Karuna Ezara Parikh

She is many things, a poet, a writer, a former television actress and model, and an influential personality. It felt so amazing speaking to her as she had no airs, and picked out the perfect frame for this portrait.

Her novel, Heart Asks Pleasure First, was published in 2020, and her first book of poems, Where Stories Gather, was published in 2021.

Reading an excerpt from her poetry book, she mentioned that she first started writing on a post-it and posted it on Instagram as #ThePostItPoetryProject and she was really inspired by that to go on writing.

“In an age when ‘Instagram poets’ are ubiquitous, and the discussion about their popularity and merit intermittently but consistently flares, it is terrifying to put out one’s work.”

Thank you, Karuna, you brought a little sunshine to our day by sharing that a poet such as you has her concerns about publishing her work too. How does one distinguish between sincere work and insta-gratification anyway?

3) Glimpses of the Buzz-aar

Sustainable, eco-friendly and quite unique. JLF 2022 had a wonderful curation of brands you could shop from. The colors in the decor added three charms to the already colorful venue. We couldn't help but capture a few stills of the busy crowd lost in their own experience of Literature Fest, be it capturing each speaker, shopping, discussing the topics at length, or waiting in queue to get their books signed.

4) Vibes at the Jaipur Literature Fest

The venue was simply breathtaking with its colors and vibrant decor. We simply loved stopping and capturing the game of light and shadows created by the funky decor at the Bazaar, and all across the venue. Hotel Clarks Amer, is replete with nature and greenery, and the well-maintained lawns served as the perfect venue.

5) Live Artists

Outside the Durbar Hall, two artists Durgabai Vyam and Subhash Vyam sat and painted to their hearts' content. Little did we know that the outcome would be so beautiful.

Durgabai Vyam is one of the first few artists in Bhopal working on the Gond tradition of tribal art.

Recently in 2022, she has been announced for the Padma Shri, by the Government of India, making her the first female Gond artist to be accorded this honour. She also received the Ojas Art Award 2022 in recognition of her contribution to this art form.

These were only a few glimpses of the festival. Read our next blog on brands we explored while trying to resist our urge to over-shop!


We can only wonder what's in store next year! Till then hit the 'Follow' button on and email us at if you'd like to request a feature.


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