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Of Magical Sounds at Magnetic Fields

Picture this, a narrow dirt road, a small town in a remote corner of Rajasthan and car after car lined up on that dirt road to reach one of the biggest music festivals of the country. This is the view you are greeted by while on your way to Alsisar Mahal to attend the Magnetic Fields Music Festival, the event that brings the small town to life each year.

The music festival is in its fifth year now and has hosted acts from the likes of Dualist Enquiry, Monica Dogra, RATATAT, Soul Clap, Manganiyars the folk group and Indie acts like Nischay Parekh + Jivraj Singh and Sandunes among many others in the past. This year too, the lineup includes names like Actress, Begum X, The Pianoman Jazz Club and Delhi Sultanate (BFR Sound System). The festival is known to be a playground for a lot of underground artists and even though you can hear everything from live electronica, rock, folk, dub, house, techno and grime, the well curated lineup ensures that one experiences acts and artists who might otherwise go unnoticed. From noon desert disco scenes to dungeon parties there is something for everyone to immerse themselves in.

There’s many a things that stand out about the festival, its location being the foremost one. Visitors can choose between tent accommodations and palace rooms to stay during the three day festival or even pitch up their own tents. The Alsisar Mahal opens its gates every December to guests from all over the world for the festival and the visitors are free to explore pretty much every inch of the palace. There’s all kinds of music floating in the air during these three days from soul acts to electronic sets and live sessions, one can also hear the folk tunes of aartis being sung by the locals during the evenings. The festival also holds workshops, yoga sessions and stargazing sessions for the visitors to indulge in.

There’s something definitely magical about hearing some great music surrounded by people from all over the world under a sky full of stars with the cool sand under your feet. It’s an experience of a lifetime to witness the kind of spell that only good artistry can cast, to be divided by borders but be united by music.

The Magnetic Fields Festival is easily accessible through trains and by car from Delhi, visitors can also reach the festival by road from Jaipur, Check out to indulge in three days of good music and even better vibes. Most of these are sold out, so better hurry.


Pictures: Credits for the first three images:Magnetic Fields Festival – Facebook Page


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