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Organic love in Jaipur feat. The Farmer's Market

Breezy February winters in Jaipur got even better in 2019, when Upasana Kumar started The Farmer’s Market after being inspired by a conversation about locally spreading the concept of organic and local produce / products to different communities in Jaipur.

Within the span of a year, TFM Jaipur has expanded and done over 50 markets, has over 200 partners and has even showcased at Jaipur Literature Festival’s Music Stage creating a global footprint for farmers and local entrepreneurs from Jaipur.

Some of the products you can find (and love) at The Farmer’s Market

1. Skincare and beauty products from Chetglori

2. Home brewed Kombucha from Comm-bucha

3. Zolocrust artisanal breads and homegrown chemical-free veggies

What’s more? Pawsome by TFM is an amazing initiative for our four-legged furry friends, where all the proceeds from the sales go to Help in Suffering. Adopt a cute pup, just lounge about, indulge in the delicious meals from the Clark’s kitchen and zolocrust, and shop for handmade Paw-themed pet accessories and more. We had quite a gala time.

Some pictures -


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