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Pink Ribbon Run - Breast Cancer Awareness

Ritika Agarwal, fought her battle against breast cancer and this struggle came to an unfortunate end in May 2021. Her feed is simply inspiring and we stumbled on this letter by Ritika in 2020 which explains how she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She unequivocally vouched for the need for more clinical trials and early detection using regular self examination. She spoke about these topics regularly on her own blog and it was her dream to save as many lives as possible from this deadly disease.

Ritika Memorial Public Charitable Trust was founded in her memory to raise awareness about this disease and push public health authorities to work towards a cure. The trust is a small initiative to keep her dream alive and on 2nd of January, 2022 the trust organised the ‘Pink Ribbon Run’ to kickstart the New Year with this noble cause in mind.

The event kick-started with the beautiful Patrika Gate in the background. There were eminent speakers and doctors which spoke about breast cancer and early diagnosis at length. The key speaker was Dr. Pawan Agarwal from Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Research Hospital who spoke about causes, treatments and even answered the participants’ queries. The next speaker was Dr. Saroj Purohit from S.M.S Hospital who spoke about skin cancer.

What’s beautiful was that the sky was a beautiful shade of pink and the event soon began with a popular city RJ cheering the participants on.

Pink helium balloons signified the kickstarting of the race and off the cyclists went. The cycles at the venue were organised by Pink Pedals. They were followed by the runners and the people who wanted to walk, everyone who participated secured a medal.

We’re all warriors and little steps that we take everyday to spread awareness go a long way in saving a loved ones’ life.

Kudos to Ritika Memorial Foundation for organising this Awareness Drive. For more questions, feel free to reach out to them on their Instagram. A heartfelt thank you to the organisers, Ankur Gupta and Bhaskar Singal.


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