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Playing with colours – Flavved Studio

With the tagline ‘Let’s create something beautiful together’ on her art page, Disha Goyal, is all things we’re about. Art. Colours. Collaboration. Meaning. Message.

We’re all alone with our thoughts in this quarantine time, and life has taken a sharp turn towards the unknown. The emotional overload might get to us, but how about focusing on the positives?

The colours in our life, beautiful birds chirping, time finally slowing down, the peace and quiet, the gorgeous blue sky, each sunrise, each sunset and the little things that make you happy from within.

Disha started with a motive to define imperfection, not following the rules and not abiding by the rules for anything. Progress is greater than perfection is the main message behind her page and you will find a wonderful message behind each piece of art.

Brighten your quarantine day by indulging in these colorful art pieces. Mentioned along with the art is an interpretation of the piece. If you think differently of the art, feel free to message us and we will share it with the community.

#1 – Sabr

According to Disha, this piece is an interpretation of the thought- ‘Do not break when you have been bent.‘ Isn’t the lockdown teaching each one of us to be a little more patient? Having a lot of patience with everything goes a long way. It helps you understand your family, it helps you not give in to fleeting feelings, and being patient with your own self is a sign of immense growth and character. Sabr has been with Disha for a long time and she thinks you’ve everything you need, if you have ‘Sabr’ in life.

#2- Enchanted rainbow

A rainbow can never trigger negative thoughts, such is the impact of colour. Disha loves adding a lot of beautiful colours. Rainbows are symbolic of joy, laughter, kindness, better days, and hopeful days. The lockdown may seem like a dark place right now, but there lie beautiful days ahead. Let’s not lose hope.

#3- Illuminati

According to Disha, The artwork is based on a kind of enlightenment you gain after a period of high stress. This is more focused on how all of us during this lockdown have felt the enlightenment of slowing down and re-thinking about all of our life choices, overly consumed fashion / food trends and many of the reasons behind the earth depleting so drastically. This also shows hope towards a better and responsible consumption and a brighter future.

#4Sunset thoughts

A thought-provoking message behind this simple painting is that some endings are beautiful too. End your day enjoying a peaceful sunset, try to put your thoughts on paper or paint the sunset, and this simple exercise will relieve you of a little stress you’ve been carrying around. Keep it simple, silly.

Some flawed (but still worthy) doodles by

Last but not the least, we highly recommend doodling for everyone, artist or not. Putting your thoughts on a piece of paper can be highly rewarding. Disha uses doodles to get her creative juices flowing and to clear her head.

You can find more of her art on Instagram.

A little about Art doesn’t need to be perfect and it can never be perfect in everyone’s eyes. The reason behind starting ‘Flavved Studio’ is to encourage progress > perfection, in art and in life. The word “flavved” itself is flawed which supports the fact that it’s alright to be imperfect and to make art which is unrefined, what matters the most is that you’re moving forward and one day you’ll get where you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t try too hard or be harsh on yourself, it’s okay to not be perfect. You’re unique and beautiful in your own ways just like your art. . This is why I’ve chosen the word flavved and not flawed and why progress > perfection is an important aspect in my art – Disha Goyal

Take some inspiration from fellow artists or create your own masterpiece! Let’s make and share beautiful art this quarantine, self love, self reflect, and self isolate if we have to. Whatever route you choose, do not let yourself feel alone. Art, and #stopcommotion are here with you. Stay happy and healthy!


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