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Stay happy! Considering how people value things more than emotions and people, in today’s world it’s very difficult to be happy from the inside. Showing people you’re happy with a fake smile plastered on your face is something we’ve all done over time. But how many of us actually feel happy from within? When was the last time you felt you’re so happy that this moment should last forever ?

It’s easy to rant over everything wrong in your life but to be happy about the little things that happen in your life is difficult. It’s important to focus on that candy you get when you least expect it. It’s important to pay attention to the stranger who smiles at you (not the creepy one). It’s important to be happy about the 3 meals you get to have in a day. When you find joy in these little things, the universe works towards keeping you happy. There will be times when things get nasty and you’ll be upset. It’s hard to be at your best possible self at all times. All you gotta remember at that point is – everything is temporary. Even the difficulty you’re facing is temporary. Focus on being happy rather than on how it’s making you upset. Be happy coz this difficult situation won’t last forever and you’ll get out of it !

Ups and downs are a part of your life but you should never let the downs overpower you!


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