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Rock N' Roll Pad: Finest place to jampad and dancepad in Jaipur

Beats are scientifically proven to heal the human body and mind. Dance improves your health, muscle tone, balance, and coordination and music helps in managing pain, soothing the mind, inspiring and energizing your body. Rock n' Roll Pad is a top Jam Room located in Jaipur and offers services like dance classes, fitness dance classes, guitar lessons,drum lessons and a lot of other things. It is known to be the finest place for Jampad and Dancepad in Jaipur. Founded by Abhinav Lohiya and Prashant Maheshwari and their zeal and passion for their respective art forms.

Dance and music is an essential part of Indian culture, especially weddings where people gather, dance and celebrate special occasions. After all we have an event dedicated just to dancing the sangeet. Rock n Roll Pad can choreograph all sorts of performances, bride and groom entries, family performances and much more. The special part of Rock n' Roll Pad is they celebrate all forms of art form, they organise workshops from yoga, conduct open mic and also rent their studio for more such talent display programs.

They recently organised the Sound Spirit festival in March, 2021. A weekend carnival event which was open for various art forms like beatboxing, standup, storytelling and much more. The two day festival was full of amazing talent and fun events. They organise showcase events and open houses for dance workshops as well.

In this fast moving world, where everything is time bound, employees are usually under a lot of stress to complete tasks. This lack of balance between workplace demands and job control is the root cause of chronic and acute stress. A treat of an open dance workshop with Rock n Roll Pad can destress and lighten the heavy workload from the employees. Dance is a well known therapy for distressing and can also add much needed fun.

Rock n Roll Pad is a one stop destination for showcasing art and any art form is welcomed with open hearts and as a chance for peer learning. Check out their instagram if you wanna know more about this amazing band and participate in their upcoming future event.

Insta Handle: rocknrollpad


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