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Saving voiceless souls - Go Nirvana

When we see a human being suffer and die, it brings us immense sadness. We mourn for 13 days and have many rituals so that the departed soul is at peace.

When it comes to animals, their bodies are dumped in dingy corners, and Go Nirvana was the first in Jaipur to start a foundation to bid an appropriate farewell to these speechless souls.

Their mission is to give the same treatment to these innocent souls that humanity receives. Animals deserve respect, empathy and understanding just like humans do.

Here’s how you can contribute to Mission Nirvana - mission-nirvana

On 14th December 2021, they completed a successful year of operations and had invited Team Upside to visit their dog hospital for the one year celebrations.

Our hearts were full of empathy and eyes full of tears as we heard the stories of these dogs. There were high breeds, abandoned by a human who they once called family. Some were street dogs which had caught a virus and were put in a quarantine centre. Some were just pups who had lost their mothers and were looking for a new home.

What’s unique about Go Nirvana is that the dog hospital is completely self-funded so far, and it’s maintained in the nicest way. The quarantine centre separates the infected dogs from the healthy ones and there is a general ward just like human hospitals would have. What we loved most was the old age home, where the slow and aged dogs unable to fight it out are able to retire.

We had a small cake cutting ceremony for us humans and volunteers.

This was followed by distributing home-baked doggo treats made of peanut, pumpkin, honey and oats by one of the visitors.

They looked absolutely tempting.

What’s more, one of the abandoned animals got adopted and so did one of the pups, Tuk-Tuk. Aren’t they absolutely adorable?

To support this wonderful foundation and initiative, donate any sum of your choice, volunteer or even adopt one of the homeless animals.


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