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Stone Studio: exclusivity at its best

Stone Studio is the flagship showroom of Galaxy Implex, who has a progressive history of 23 years in stone business and this inspired the concept of stone studio. The company produces and exports quality natural stone such as limestone, slate granite etc. in the wide array of finish including customized finish. Indian states like Rajasthan have an immense amount of natural stone resources that can be crafted and polished. These natural stones are an investment that stays beautiful as they were the first time.

These Indian originated stones have a worldwide demand. And no doubt The Galaxy Group alone exports so much stone every year which can clad a building as high as Mt. Everest. The directors of Galaxy Group not only have an eye for natural stone, they also have a long experience of giving different shapes to stone for the international market. The Group has established an exclusive showroom for stone by the name of “Stone Studio.”

These stones play an important part in decor whether it is simply a piece of interior for our home or a magnificent piece of attraction for a public place. Stones are used differently for different purposes and for different places. Every stone can be used for a variety of purposes depending on the necessity. Hence, the customer needs one such place where all the varieties of stone are available under one roof. This makes the selection of stone easier for the architect. Probably the stone studio at Jaipur is the only such place in the country.

The Stone Studio at Mansarovar, Jaipur is more like an art museum of stones where one comes across various artistic structures. The unique studio where stone is displayed on an area of 27000 sq. feet, in different shapes, style and decor. With exquisite interior and hundreds of designs to choose from, Stone Studio is actually a one of a kind stone shopping experience. The display is such that the customer can select stones for bedroom, bathroom, living room and other purposes with a lot of convenience and the choice available in wide.

Although accompanying the studio the instagram page of Stone Studio shows you a list of crafted stone artifacts and shopices that you definitely wanna make a part of your favorite place. The page is a user information guide which describes the usage of stones, best place to install it, benefits and decor tips with stones.

Check out for more information:

Instagram: @stonestudiobygalaxy


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