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The Farmer's Market: A place for fresh, organic, locally grown products.

The Framer’s market is an initiative by Mrs Upasana Bajaj Kumar to provide a platform for people to showcase their fresh and locally grown food. Such markets got huge popularity in the West and inspired from that Hotel Clarks Amer started a farmer's market in Jaipur. The hotel is famous for eateries like Zolocrust and Ta Blue.The market goes beyond fresh fruits and vegetables and evolved into a market for customers who want to buy organic and authentic niche products. It gives chances to entrepreneurs and small scale manufacturers and suppliers also called as the exhibitors to showcase their organic and homemade products.

Buying fresh, buying local & leading a healthy lifestyle - is the environment that is created at TFM. The aim is also to facilitate fair trade, cut out middlemen and let people buy directly from farmers. All produce sold here is organic & fresh since it is locally produced and has travelled less. There are seasonal farm produce, gluten-free and vegan sweets & savouries, homemade sauces that you'd drool over, healthy drinks, A2 milk, and milk products, etc. It also has a gamut of products ranging from natural beauty products, vegetable bags made from organic cloth, organic honey, seeds, plants, etc.Handpicked by the team on board and vendors, the organic groceries sold here are known for the quality and health benefits.

From a consumer’s perspective, it provides an alternative space to source homemade and unavailable items in the market. It is a win-win situation for everyone. On the other side, the products are pricey in comparison to the commercial range available in the market as they cater to a different market segment.

Organised on every Sunday it acts like a big meal day for foodies who can taste something new each time they visit. With treats like cake and cookies made of jagger and gluten-free you can find desserts and savory products that are healthy alternatives without any artificially added colour. Sustainability is the future and keeping that as the essence, TFM goes completely eco and sustainable with its goodies and the paper & cloth bags sold here never go out of style.

The Market Cafe is the place which serves you fresh food and conducts workshops to keep you engaged and entertained. Next time you visit Jaipur, give a shot to TFM with your friends and have a little chit-chat with the vendors who have devoted their love and perfection in the fast selling products.

Visit them on instagram for more information at: @tfmjaipur


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