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The Mystic Mountains by Akshay Nair

Posted on May 30, 2017 by Yash Maheshwari

Lush green foliage, snow white peaks, winding roads, clear streams of water flowing through and beautiful hospitable people. This is Spiti Valley. “When God gave men tongues, he never dreamed that they would want to talk about the Himalayas; there are consequently no words in the world to do it with.” – Sara Jeannette Duncan And boy, was she right. Some experiences are so ethereal that it’s impossible to convert them into meaningful prose. They can only be felt, in person. One such experience is exploring the stupefying mountainside of north eastern Himachal, where lies the Spiti Valley. Maybe it’s difficult to communicate this feeling using words, but we can certainly try to capture them visually. And what if I told you, you can experience 365 days of Spiti Valley is less than 60 seconds? That’s exactly what director/editor Akshay Nair has braved to do. ‘The Mystic Mountains’ is an exuberant film put together by Akshay and his colleagues at the Spiti Holiday Adventures. With breathtaking visuals and transitions, it’s sure to leave you in awe and a newfound sense of wanderlust. Have a look


About the Author

Yash Maheshwari Yash is selectively social and has an affinity for the ineffable. He loves triangles, obscure references and depression memes. Surviving on music and tea, he dreams of creating content and telling stories through various art forms while travelling the world. Film + photography enthusiast. You can find him on Instagram @randomyash.


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