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Walls & Beyond

Over the course of history, people have been creating murals to jot down their existence. After all, murals hold an immense significance in our history. They are priceless carriers of knowledge, reminding us about the times forgotten. Today wall art has become a form of urban mainstream art. Artists are creating murals on the interior and exterior of a public building to make statements: to be heard. With society bounding us, art is one way to break through from the stereotypical world.

Work in progress

One such artistic company is Walls and Beyond. It is the art child of two creative heads, Monis Rahman and Apurva Raje.

Monis Rahman an engineer by education (SAY WHATTT?) left his bookish education to pursue a life of art. He let his passion row his boat and became a wall artist. On the other hand, Apurva Raje a baddie with a music band has a B.A degree in Indian Classical Music (Vocal), Psychology and English Literature (YOU GO, GIRL!)

The two creative heads brought Walls and Beyond to life with the philosophy that anything can come to life if the right colors are put on it, even humans.

Walls and Beyond is an Indore (MP) based art company that creates thought-provoking graffiti, murals and art pieces. Their art pieces are fun and invoke the human eye. The murals and graffitis are based on the client’s desire and trust me when I say the results are mind-blowing!

The company works on a global level and does charity work as well. Art such as theirs is keeping our world alive. The murals and graffitis symbolises that art doesn’t discriminate or stereotype. Art connects all. Hit them up for some awesome art pieces because they will make sure to give you a masterpiece worth flaunting.

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