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Yoga Retreat in Pushkar - Camp Land's End

Gorgeous, tall grasses greet you when you enter this secluded heaven. The sounds of the surrounding village cease and the beautiful, inviting sounds of nature take over. Camp Lands End is the perfect getaway for those who are stuck in the hustle bustle of city life.

Upside Story attended a yoga retreat held by Balance Studio Jaipur & Samsarayog and we were amazed by the photo-ops we had in this serene stay away tucked in between Pushkar’s sandy terrain. We experimented with our new Lensbaby Sol 45mm. Here are the brilliant results. Boy, do we love that beautiful blur?!

When we arrived, Yogendra ji was there at the gate to greet us and from there started 3 days of yoga, the tastiest food, and living in bliss.

Camp Lands end is truly unbelievable. It’s one of the gems in Pushkar with magic in every corner. The minute we entered the rooms, we had to take a few moments to admire the wonderful, quaint design aesthetic that Mr Sameer has brought to the place. Be it the hand block printed curtains in the rooms that add the light and shadows drama, or the water tap that resembles an old-school water pump, the cane hangings for the towels or even the cow-bell keys. We loved capturing each and every detail. The night times are mesmerizing with soft lighting and bonfire to keep us company on cold nights. Some snippets..

After freshening up on the first day, we were all set for lunch and our minds were blown by the elaborate menu and its taste.

Soon that evening, we attended the Acro Yoga session held by Samsaryoga and we burned all the calories. After the warm-up and acro exercises, we were all set for this photoshoot by the pool side.

We were then treated to our next meal of the day. Must say that most of the produce they use is sourced from their own farms and is completely organic. The whole team adds such flavor to the food that we were left wanting more. We're sorry to disappoint you, but we had no time left to do some drool-worthy food photography.

The following day we woke up to the warm rays of the sun kissing our foreheads and a yoga session by Tithi. We hogged on the amazing breakfast as soon as we could and rested for the Aqua Zumba session to follow. The pool is thoroughly cleaned for the guests each day and Tithi made sure we made quite the splash.

As if that weren't enough, we headed to the Pushkar Fair & Dunes after. We were supercharged, and the result is this amazing shoot with @tithiyoga. Which pose is your favourite?

The cherry on the cake was Adi, the little Yogini. Ever-so-enthusiastic and lovely, quite the highlight of the trip.

Summing up a wonderful trip with lots of love, light and yoga.

P.S. The Camp Land's End staff is courteous, and caters to the customers as if they were family. Ishita, from our team had some diet restrictions and the team made sure she got everything she needed. Bland food, with that signature taste. Mmmmmmm. 🥰

We must recommend this place for its hospitality and the whole Camp Lands End family for their warm hearts. We will keep visiting for this one of a kind experience.


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